Learning to Solder

Being able to solder is one of the most important skills in electronics. The soldering process involves solder – traditionally a tin – lead mixture that melts below the melting point of either tin or lead. We use this same reduction in melting point when we put salt on ice causing it to melt at a lower temperature.

Soldering involves the solder chemically bonding to both items to be soldered.  To do this , each item must be clean and free from oxides.  Solder wire has a rosin flux in it which chemically cleans the surfaces when it is heated, but it must be delivered directly to the joint.  A common mistake is to put the solder on the iron and then try and solder with this, but by the time you get to the joint the rosin flux has already evaporated.


Watch the video below for a good description of how to solder.

How to solder video

soldering video

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